The walk-in artery models

Clearly inform the accessible arteries models to anatomical structure of this vessel. About 7 meters or even 8 m length here atherosclerosis, vascular occlusion, thrombus, platelets and the connection of a bypass and the incident of an aneurysm and a stent implant are shown.

The artery is a blood vessel that leads away the blood from the heart. It is named after the noticeable on large arteries pulsing of the heartbeat and artery or radial artery. Their construction can keep the blood pressure generated by the heart as stable as possible. Arteries carry oxygenated blood normally, only the arteries of the pulmonary circulation contain deoxygenated blood. In the arteries of man is only about 20% of the total blood volume are included. The largest artery in the human body is the aorta or the aorta with a diameter of about three centimeters.

In the walk-in artery models special attention is paid to the visual and tactile representation of the hardening of the arteries, atherosclerosis down. This often called lifestyle disease restriction in the functioning of the artery means a hardening of the vessel wall, the vessel loses its elasticity and the vessel mean decreases. This reduction can grow up to complete closure. To rule out life-threatening consequences, there is, for example, for the installation of an implant of the stent, or for connecting a bypass. In bypass surgery, blood is diverted through the creation of an artificial detour around the damaged area of the vessel.

Sizes of the walk-in artery models

Weight: 500 kg
Height: 2,05 m
Width: 1,50 m
Length: 8,00 m | 6,00 m

Minimum door width: 1,65 m
Minimum door height: 2,10 m

The huge artery models

The oversized arteries models show schematically the representation   this vessel. They illustrate the anatomical structure of the artery, and various   changes. resulting from plaque deposition vasoconstrictions be solved here by the use of a stent. Furthermore, the use of a bypass shown as well as various thrombosis.

Sizes of the huge artery models

Weight: each ca. 150 kg
Height: each 1,00 m
Width: each 0,90 m
Length: each 2,00 m

Minimum door width: 1,00 m
Minimum door height: 1,90 m