You want to convey contemporary health issues, expand your event into a sustainable visitor experience?
Underline your project with a walk-in organ model.

Walk-in organ models may give an answer to anatomical structure of the organ, information about benign and malignant changes, provide clinical pictures represent in their different stages and enter in connection with accompanying media sustainable information about cause and effect and therapeutic concepts..

Depending on the topic of your project, you can choose from our range, for example, one of our walk-in intestinal models, presenting a walk-in lung model, choose the walk-in prostate model, the walk-in uterus model, the walk-in breast models or one of our walk-in heart models. In the vascular field, we complement our selection by the walk-in arterial models and an ensemble of oversized arteries. We also offer you the opportunity to use a walk-in brain model as well as a walk-in eye model. Since 2010, we have expanded our range to include a walk-in kidney model with bladder neck, a walk-in ear model and a walk pancreas -/liver model. Other models such as the oversized skin and lumbar-/cervical spine model, the walk-in blood vessel model, the walk oral cavity model and in October 2013 the walk stomach model are added to the assortment.

Walk-in organ models are equally important for those affected, interested parties and medical professionals. They facilitate the physician, for example, the informed consent discussion. The patient can see, touch and understand as well as the diseases themselves. In this form, he receives important information about their illness and treatment Options.

Our Model Manufactory produced in the framework of rental and sale. Individual customer requests, we are implementing very much. The primary goal is understandable for the viewer and the highest quality in design, combined with optimal solutions, particularly in the detail area. By careful selection of best materials, each model is also suitable for presentation in the outdoor area.

Efficient events achieve extraordinary results - often by the presentation of a walk-in organ model.

We look forward to working with you!

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