The huge intestine section

The oversized intestine section model inform compact and vividly to anatomical structure of the body and shows the following representations: chronic instestine disease in different stages, different polyps, adenomas, and carcinomas diverticula in the intestinal segment, which are tactile and visual experience.

Shown diseases in the huge intestine section model:

Carcinoma, Lipoma, stalked Polyp, flat Polyp, polypstump, ulcerative colitis, crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, diverticulum, diverticulum filled and polyposis.

Size of the model

Weight: 200 kg
Height: 2,00 m
Width: 1,60 m
Length: 1,95 m 

Minimum door width: 1,00 m
Minimum door height: 1,90 m