The walk-in intestine models

You can choose between six walk-in intenstine models on several lengths.

Spread over the length, are chronic bowel disease in different stages, different polyps, adenomas, and carcinomas diverticula in the intestinal model.

Shown diseases in the huge intestine section model:

healthy colon, carcinoma, muscle layer, Adenoma, stalked Polyp, flat Polyp, polypstump, ulcerative colitis, crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, diverticulum, diverticulum filled, villous Adenoma, Lipoma, polyposis, adenocarcinoma

Sizes of the models

Weight: 400 - 700 kg
Height: 2,05 m
Width: 1,55 m
Length: 8,00 m / 7,50 m / 7,00 m / 6,00 m / 5,50 m

Minimum door width: 1,65 m
Minimum door height: 2,10 m