Purchase of an organ model

Interested in buying your own heart, uterus, prostate or intestine model?

Our range of medical models is developed in close collaboration with a team of experienced sculptors and highly respected doctors. Expert medical supervision takes place throughout the construction process. As well as being optically impressive, we aim to make our models easy to use and transport; for this reason, we use only long-lasting, stable materials, and we endeavour to keep weight to a minimum. The models enable the user, among other things, to follow the different stages of certain diseases, and they demonstrate clearly how the organs of the human body interrelate. Our users find the tactile experience they have with the models to be particularly effective in this respect. This is reinforced by the use of appropriate colouring. We are always happy to involve our clients in the construction process and make every effort to meet their specific Needs.

Various fittings and accessories are avaiable to improve the effect of our models. These range from simpler openings to labelling, structured or three-dimensional detail presentation, integrated lighting and even the incorporation of multi-media elements, TFT monitors, touch displays and sound effects. Nothing is impossible!

After clarification of all technical details, ordering and the payment of a depoist, production of the models takes 6 – 12 weeks depending on type.

You can contact us at any time.